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Cotton Candy Hairstyle


Teasing the hair completely can give an interesting hairstyle for anyone which can also look like a cotton candy. This hairstyle is very much easier to create on the hair that is short but it needs proper tools. This style can be created on the hair that is long and medium also. To create this hairstyle, the hair must be cleaned completely to look like a cotton candy and it also needs lot of hairspray. This hairstyle can make anyone look very unique and also stylish.

To get a cotton candy hairstyle, first divide a small handful-sized section of the hair and then put the rest in a ponytail. Next collect the loose hair to hold it up and lightly spray underside of the loose hair using a hairspray. Use a comb to tug on the hair and use a comb to brush the hair downwards. Leave the hair to fall out of your hand while combing the tugs. Use a small spurt of hairspray all over the hair and then release the section of your hair after creating a fluff on current section. Continue to fluff your hair into small sections. Next hold the fluffy hair up to create a vaguely cone-shape and spread a generous amount of strong hairspray all over the hair to bunch the hair together. At last make sure that the hairspray helps the hair to retain the cone-like shape which is very important in this style.

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