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Tri-Hawk Hairstyle


The tri-hawk hairstyle is a very funky way of styling the hair. It can give a very unique look for anyone who wears this style. To get this hairstyle, you must use a hair gel and a comb to make the hair to stay in place. When a three Mohawks separated by a few inches it is called as a tri-hawk hairstyle. Usually this style consumes lot of time as well as hair gel to make this type of hairstyle. When you are dividing the hair into three different sections, the peaks are not visible in case the hair is too close to your head.

To create a tri-hawk hairstyle, first wash the hair completely. From the center of the head add one or two inches on this point which will be the Mohawk area. Create a part and collect the hair which will become the Mohawk into a hair tie. Now shave the hair outside the Mohawk area and use hair clippers without spacer. Then trim the Mohawk which is too long and keep the hair as one foot high. Add a little amount of hair gel over your hands and massage it over the hair. You can pull the hair up to create a point at the edge. In case if the hair sags, you must try to hold the hair until it becomes dry completely. Use the hair gel on each sections of the hair to make it stand tall towards the ceiling.

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