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Hairstyle With Synthetic Dreads


The hairstyle which is short can be made to look very unique if you have synthetic dreadlocks. You can get a signature hairstyle before the hair grows long. Synthetic dreads can be purchased from specialty beauty supply shops and other hair accessories stores in different colors, thicknesses and lengths. You can create this hairstyle without going to a saloon and getting a support from your friend at home. If you donโ€™t like to have this type of style, just remove the dreads which are very simple. There are few celebrities who have been noticed with this hairstyle including Shakira and Kim Fields.

To get this hairstyle, first wet your hair and then use a rattail comb to section off one inch square at the nape of your neck. Divide the section vertically into two separate parts. Then keep the synthetic dread in between the two parts and clip the upper part of the dread at the crown of your head using a clip. Now create a small ponytail by twisting the two parts around the dread and secure it using a rubber band. Keep the ponytail at the lower part of the dread and secure the two with a rubber band together. Now remove the top section of the dread and leave the halves to hang. Use the same process on each section of the hair from end to the top of your head, over the crown and down at the hairline.

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