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Fringe Hairstyle


The hairstyle with fringes can create a flirty look for any type of face. The fringe will cover the wrinkles that are on the forehead and it can also cover wrinkles that occur around the eyes. This type of hairstyle is very easy to create and more often it also needs very low maintenance. Even though this style is very popular, it also acts as a camouflage to increase and soften the harsh lines of face shapes like square and heart-shaped faces. There are different types of fringe hairstyles such as blunt fringe, wispy fringe and fringe bangs.

Blunt fringe is known to be the most edgy type of fringe hairstyle and it consists of different choppy pieces around the face. This style is considered to be more versatile and it can be worn on wavy, straight or curly. This style is also combined with fringe bangs that has blunt cut along with a straight-across look. Wispy fringe is another type that has a more layered look. There will be many layers around your face and the bangs will fall off into gradual layers. Wispy fringe with long hair can look good only on oval-shaped faces and shorter versions will look good on any face types. Fringe bangs is another method which can add drama to your hairstyle. This style consists of bangs that usually fade into the layers with fringe pieces that frame the face on the side of the bangs.

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