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Crochet Hairstyle


Crochet hair braiding can be a perfect choice if you are looking to get an appearance of longer and fuller hair that frames your face. Crochet braiding is a hairstyle that will suit most of the women irrespective of their face type and skin color. This style involves braiding a natural hair into cornrows on the scalp with a crochet latch hook needle. There are few celebrities who have been noticed with this type of hairstyle as it gives a very unique look.

Crochet hair braiding will help to avoid brushing, combing and damaging your hair from chemical processing, perming and curling irons. A perfectly maintained crochet hair braids can stay for about three months and by tightening the base of cornrows on the hairline can help to increase the hair growth. Crochet braiding is another method of hair extension which is done by using a blunt hook or needle and it is also very protective way of styling. To get this style, first wash your hair and then dry it naturally. Then create a vertical braid cornrow and secure the remaining hair with a clip. Crochet hair weave is a similar way of interlocking loops which can create a beautiful look. Then add hair extensions to the base of the braided cornrows on the head using a crochet hook. A complete crochet hair weave will look good on any type of face and you can also create an offbeat hairstyle with bulk hair.

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