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Visual Kei Hairstyle


The visual kei hairstyle is a very unique way of styling the hair. In case you are planning to create this hairstyle, you must try to make it noticeable which is very important. This style was first started as a movement with the Japanese rock musicians who also used to wear very elaborate with this hairstyle. This hairstyle needs lot of volume which will make it look spiky at the back along with long straight bangs. To create this style, you must use lot of hairspray to make it look perfect.

To get this hairstyle, you can go through online websites to select the best looking style for your hair. Cutting your hair to create this hairstyle is very important which must be done only by a hair stylist and never try to do it by yourself. Next dye the hair with a solid color including black or even use multiple colors. Then wash your hair and use a hair dryer to dry the hair completely. Mist all over the hair with a hairspray and tease the roots with a teasing brush. Continue to spray the hair and also teasing the hair until you make it spiky and add more volume. Keep the bangs straight as possible using hairsprays which are very important in this hairstyle. The entire hair must look like a spiky which can be done with the help of a hairspray to show off the new visual kei hairstyle.

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