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Harajuku Hairstyle


The Harajuku hairstyle is style that is used by young girls in Japan. The Japanese Harajuku girls are best known for having flamboyant hairstyles which looks very unique. This hairstyle can be a perfect choice for little girl spunk. The Harajuku hairstyles are of different styles from short to medium and medium to long. Most of the hairstyles have been made to match the clothing fashions which have become more popular in this area. Most of the people also dye their hair and wear bright colored cloths. Sometimes, the hair will also look messy along with razor cut which will give an uneven and a ragged look.

You can create the hair into one or two pigtails and also make sure that the pigtails are very big. To add a funky look to the hair uses a bold and colorful hair accessory. You can also style the hair and pigtails with lot of shapes and sizes. This type of hairstyle has only one way of styling the hair which must not have too much body or too many accessories as it not look so good. Most of the people also create spikes with different types which can give a porcupine spike look. Sometime, this hairstyle is also been inspired by the anime characters. If you are planning have a Harajuku hairstyle, you must also wear clothes that match your hairstyle. Wearing clothes that are not matching your hairstyle will spoil the look.

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