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Kawaii Hairstyle


The Kawaii hairstyle is a type of Japanese hairstyling that has been popular from the 1980s. Kawaii means cute in the Japanese language and this way of styling the hair can look beautiful on young girls. Most of the girls who are young would prefer this type of hairstyling only. Anyone with medium to long hair can easily try to wear this hairstyle to get a young look. This hairstyle with medium curly hair can look perfect for different face shapes including oval, square and oblong. You can also sweep the bangs to a side and collect tight coils up to add a super spiraled texture to you hairstyle.

The Kawaii hairstyle is mainly created by Japanese saloon and it is also used mostly by the Japanese people. There are few celebrities who have been seen with a similar type of hairstyle as this style gives a very cute look. In this hairstyle, the hair will be curled at the bottom and the top portion will be left straight. You can also add more volume to the hair or even leave the hair to hanging down. Another option is to create a ponytail and leave few portions of the hair to fall in front of the face. Another way of creating this hairstyle is by using a headband or hair clips to secure the curls. There is one great thing about this hairstyle is, however you try to alter the styling it will look very cute.

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