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Bettie Page Hairstyle


The Bettie Page hairstyle is a type of hairstyle where the bangs are cut short, straight across the forehead and rest of the hair will be left longer or shoulder-length, but the hair will not be layered. Bettie Page, a beautiful icon of the 1950s was very often seen with this hairstyle which has been named after her. This hairstyle had emerged again during the 1990s where most of the woman tried to create this hairstyle as it gave a beautiful look. To create this hairstyle, first you must keep the hair medium or long to make it perfect.

To begin the styling, first color the hair with dark brown or black color to make it very similar. Then cut the bangs short which should be equal length across the entire forehead. Keep the bangs long to use a roller or a curling iron. Apart from the bang keep the rest of the hair long and it should be at least shoulder length. Create big, soft curls and you can blow dry the hair using a diffuser to create big curls. You can also use big rollers to create big curls in case your hair is straight. Try to control the bangs using a large curling iron to add a little bounce and volume. At last mist all over the hair with a hairspray and you can wear a flower on the side of the head to make the hairstyle more attractive.

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