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Victory Rolls Hairstyle


The Victory Roll is a hairstyle which was started during the 1940s. In this style, the hair will be rolled up and then pinned to the head to create tubes of hair. This hairstyle was also popular during the rockabilly period and it has also been styled in many ways. There will be rolled bangs with vertical rolls at the front and shorter sections of the hair in front of the ears. Victory rolls have often been stacked, one on top of the other or as a side part of the hair. To create this type of hairstyle, first you need to wash the hair completely.

Next part the hair starting from one ear to another ear and then create a ponytail at the back of the head if you have long hair. Next part the loose hair down the middle and create a part straight down the middle. Pin half of the hair down and comb front layer over the teased hair. Roll the hair around your fingers to form a loop and remove your fingers out. Then tuck the ends of the hair under the loop and start rolling the hair inwards towards the head. Remove the loop out to get roll shape and secure it. Follow the same procedure to roll other parts of the hair too. At last use a curling iron to curl back of the hair and mist all over the hair with a shining spray.

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