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Poof Hairstyle


There are many hairstyles that be styled with a poof to get a very unique look. This style was started during the 1950s as well as 1960s where most of the women use to wear this type of hairstyle by teasing or backcombing the hair. Even in the present day, most of people, especially there are few celebrities who have been seen wearing this hairstyle. It is also been considered as one of the easiest way of styling the hair and this hairstyle is a perfect choice for parties and also every day wear.

To create a poof hairstyle, first brush the hair completely to remove the tangles and then arrange the hair in the way you want to style it. Use a rat-tail comb and sections the hair which is above the forehead and two inches behind the head. Comb the hair upward with the help of your hand. Now pull the section up toward the back of the head and twist it. Keep the twist down the head and push front of the head to create a poof. Hold the poof with your hand and poke the end of the comb inside the poof to increase the size of the poof.Β  Next secure the twist with bobby pins and push it downward into the edge of the twist against the scalp. At last adjust the poof as per your requirements and then mist all over the hair with a hairspray.

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