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Flexi Rod Hairstyle


The Flex Rod hairstyle can be created by using flex rods which are also known as flexi rods. The tool which is available in different sizes is mainly used to get a temporary curly look. There are different styling options that can be followed in creating a hairstyle with a flex rod. The flexi rods can easily create a classic style and also provide an elegant touch to the hair that can be suitable for any special occasion. After styling the hair with flexi rods, the hair will become tight and make durable spiral curls.

To create this hairstyle, first comb the hair to remove any tangles and mist the hairs with a generous amount of thermal styling spray. Then separate a small section of the hair and comb it away from your scalp and keep the flexi rod under the ends of the hair. Next thread the hair by rolling it tightly on the rod to make the rod firm against the scalp. Open the end of the flexi rod to complete a circle. Take out another section of the hair and use the flexi rod to style it. Mist the hair with a generous amount of thermal styling spray and leave it for 10-15 minutes before removing the flexi rods. Finally add a little amount of shining serum on your hands to spread it over the hair and if you want try to mist all over the hair with a hold hairspray.

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