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Hairstyle With Cascading Waves


The Cascading waves hairstyle is a perfect choice for any formal occasion as it leaves the beautiful long locks flowing. The hair will fall down in loose waves along with a face framing tighter curls. This hairstyle will be a perfect choice for the hair that is long. You can make the hair more attractive by adding jewels, ribbons and flowers. To create this hairstyle, you must use wide tooth comb, curl enhancing cream, hot roller set, bobby pins, hairspray and other decorative items. There are few celebrities who use this hairstyle very often.

To get this hairstyle, first wash and condition the hair, but avoid using shampoos and conditioners for washing the hair. Towel dry the hair and apply a little amount of styling mousse on you hand to spread it all over the hair starting from tips to the roots. Next scrunch your head until you make the hair thoroughly scrunched to ensure that all the strands are coated. For longer hair, use additional mousse in your hands to spread it over the hair. Use a diffuser with low heat to dry the hair to avoid flyaways and frizz. You can use long fingers of the diffuser to get the scrunch style. At last mist all over the hair with a light-hold hairspray or texturizing spray which can help to retain the cascading waves for a day without any flyaways. To get additional look, try to add a flower over the hair.

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