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Stacked Hairstyle


The Stacked hairstyle will make the end of the hair look like it has been stacked on top of one another. This hairstyle will add more volume to the hair which will make it look like layered haircuts. It is mainly created to get attention to the face from whichever angle it may be seen. Similar to short hairstyles, this style also offers a good view of the head and face from a particular vantage point. The hairstyle also allows the head to move and tilt in different directions and it also gives hair more volume in the back as well as covers few facial features which you want to hide. The main advantage of this hairstyle is it can look effective on almost any type of hair, especially for those who very busy and have no time to style the hair every day.

The Stacked hairstyle has been evolved throughout the years similar to other hairstyles and many celebrities also prefer this style. While few have been inverted, most of the style remains as it is with spiked ends at the back of the head. The hairstyle is usually created in the way how the bob hairstyle is made, but this one will have more flair in the rear. Start the styling from one asymmetrical point of the head to the other to keep the volume determined. By adding lifts and teasing the hair, you can make the hairstyle look fashionable.

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