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Hairstyle With Spiral Curls


The hairstyle with spiral curls can give a very unique look to anyone. Most of the people having straight hair will try to wear this hairstyle at least once in their lifetime. This style can provide a shiny and bouncy spiral curls all over the head which can attract anybody. By following few simple methods anyone can get this hairstyle in just few minutes. There are few celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle such as Vanessa Williams, Garcelle Beauvais and more.

To get this hairstyle, wash your hair completely and then divide the hair into two sections. Next, smoothen the hair starting from one inch of the scalp with a brush. Then use molecular steam curlers to curl the hair. Make sure that you get a branded curler to avoid any damage to your hair. Then twist the lock of the hair which must look a little bit like a dreadlock. Place the end of the twist at the bottom of the curler and start winding the twist towards up of the curler. Avoid rolling the twist over the curler and hold the curler and move the wrist in a circular motion. Use a hair clip to secure the curler with the roller set. Do the same to curl other sections of the hair too. Remove the hair from the roller and leave it to become cool naturally. At last you want try to mist the hair with a light hairspray.

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