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Bandanna Hairstyle


In a Bandanna hairstyle, a large piece of cloth with design or different color will be used on the hair. This style can easily make a very old hairstyle into a brand new hairstyle which will give an attractive look to anyone. It can also protect the hair from sun and other dust particles that affect the hair. In case of windy environments, the bandanas will keep the hair in place. The bandanas will also help to wear it decoratively matching your outfits. It can also be used in different purposes to keep the hair off the face, even out of the eyes, avoid dust or dirt and also hide hair loss.

Most of the people use this type of hairstyle as it is easy to create it, first keep the bandanna on a flat surface and take two sides of the cloth to fold it to wear it as per your desire. To get a head band look, start rolling the bandanna with about one inch wide surface completely. You can also tie the hair back as a low bun with the bandanna. You can also keep the base of the bandanna after creating a triangle at the scalp of your head with two lower points which is used to make a tie. Then use the neatly folded cloth and tie it across your head. The knot must be at the bottom of the head under the bun or a ponytail.

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