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Fishbone Braids


Fishbone braids are a variation of the most common traditional braids. This hairstyle is very similar to the basic braid, but it uses three strands. It can be a perfect choice to wear for a casual or any special event like weddings. This style has been popular among all the ages of people who have hair with medium to long length. It is not so simple to create this hairstyle as it needs lot of patience. So to get this style the best choice is to go to a hairstylist to make it look perfect.

To create this hairstyle, brush the hair to make it smooth and collect a section of the hair. To start braiding, take the hair in the left hand and divide it into two strands. Next take small section of the hair from right side and add it into the left hand strand. Now take both strands and pull a small section of the hair from the left side over the index finger to add it with right side strands. Again take both the strands in the left hand and continue the braiding process. Next push your right index finger up through the rear part of the right strand and divide it into small section. Then use the left index finger and pull a small section from rear of the left strand and add newly separated section to the right-hand. Continue to braid this section and secure it with elastic ponytail holder.

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