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Cowlicks Hair


The cowlick hair is a little amount of hairs which will stand straight up on the head and it is also very difficult to control. It will look as though the hair has grown in a spiral pattern and will look straighter than the curly hair. The cowlicks are usually found on the crown of the head or sometimes on the front hairline around the face, but it can also occur on any place of the head. The cowlicks can be controlled easily by just following few simple methods.

First find out the reasons of your cowlicks, if it is placed on top of the head you may get a good haircut to direct the hair in the correct direction. Most of the people will get a right hairstyle by getting a haircut or using the right styling products. Try to find a hairstylist who can handle cowlicks in a stylish way. In case the cowlicks are at the base of the neck, keep the hair short or long at the nape of the neck. Try to blow dry the hair in the opposite direction in which it usually grows. Select the right styling products to make the haircut more attractive. Spread a generous amount of styling product on the root of the cowlick using your fingers. You can also use headbands or clips over the hair to make it set in one place, by directing the hair in the right way.

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