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Grunge Hairstyle


The grunge hairstyle was first seen on the musicians and fashion icons during the 1990s. This hairstyle will suit perfectly for both men and women at any ages with long, naturally hair with a casual wild and tousled look. This style must not be worn as a braid or create a bun over the head, instead it is just left as a few wisps of wind-tousled hair that hangs out of the head. It is a very simple way of styling the hair as it does not need any big effort to create this hairstyle.

It is easy to get this hairstyle, start the styling on an unwashed hair by spraying a generous amount of heat-protectant spray. Then comb the hair with a brush to spread the hairspray all over. Use a curling iron to straighten the hair and divide a two inch section of the hair on the left side of the head. Use clips to separate the rest of the hair. Use a wide curling iron to wrap the two inch section of the hair and leave it for about 10-15 seconds. Also wrap the hair around a barrel of the straightening iron to create curls. Apply a little amount of hair texturizer on your hand and distribute it all over the hair by breaking the curls to get a natural look. At last mist all over the hair with a volumizer hairspray to end your styling only if required.

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