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Hairstyle With Boho Waves


The Boho Waves is a wavy hairstyle that can change the straight hair and tight curls into messy waves with bobby pins, texturizing cream and hairspray. This is one of the most preferred hairstyle by the celebrities as it gives a beautiful look. This hairstyle is usually a best choice for office or special occasions like prom or weddings. It is very easy to create this hairstyle, but it needs lot of effort to maintain this hairstyle because the messy looking hairstyle can easily spoil your look if not maintained properly. Most of the celebrities including Ashley Olsen, Elle Macpherson, Kaley Cuoco, Kate Hudson and more have been spotted with this hairstyle.

To create this hairstyle, first wash your hair completely and then start spreading a little amount of texturizing cream all over the hair. Next divide the hair into one inch sections and twist it towards clockwise direction around the fingers. Secure it to the head using bobby pins and continue twisting other sections too in the same way. Now leave the hair to dry naturally before removing the twists and bobby pins. Use your fingers to loosen the waves and avoid using brush. Mist all over the hair with a root lifting hairspray to increase the volume of the hair and then massage the scalp to get a natural lift. You can also use a light hold hairspray all over the hair to give a final touch only if needed.

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