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Hairstyle With Looped Updo


The Looped Updo is a hairstyle which may look very complicate to create it, but actually it can be done at home by yourself. This style will also give a simple and versatile look to anyone who wears it. It can be perfect way of styling the hair for any occasion such as wedding or prom. There are many celebrities who are seen with this hairstyle very often as it gives a very gorgeous look. This hairstyle can be started by creating a ponytail which will take only few moments and then create an updo which is looped.

To create this hairstyle, first you must wash the hair completely to start the styling process and then condition the hair. Now brush the hair thoroughly to remove tangles to continue. Next spread a little amount of gel on your fingers and then start applying all over the hair to make it easier to control the frizzies. Create a ponytail and use a hair band or scrunchie around the base to secure it tightly. Make sure to use a hairspray to keep the hair damp if it becomes dry during the process. Create a loop by rolling the ponytail and pin it securely using bobby pins or hair clips. Leave out few strands of to wrap the hairband or clip it underneath to avoid the hairband. At last mist all over the hair with a hairspray to keep it in place without looking messy.

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