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Winged Coifette


The winged coifette is a hairstyle that was very popular during the 1950s. This style was specially used while going for a night time party and during formal occasions. In this hairstyle, the hair will be swept with tons of volume at the back along with fringed bangs which will be framing the face. This style was very much used by most of the celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Sandra Dee, Lucille Ball and others during that period. The hairstyle can be achieved with a lengthy process of pinning and then placing the curlers accordingly. Try to wear this hairstyle in different ways, sometimes by pulling the hair back and also by leaving the uneven pieces of hair as it is.

To create this hairstyle, you must begin the process a day earlier to get the perfect look. Then the hair will be teased and then back-combed at the back of the head to add more volume. Next set the front hair with the help of the curlers and make it smooth. This style used to give a look as though you have smooth bangs along with a winged back. After setting the hairstyle, then it is kept in place by misting all over the hair with a strong hairspray. You can also style the hair by using different hair accessories which can also help to avoid uneven layers. Try barrettes, clips or head bands to hold shorter pieces of hair.

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