alicia keys 183x300 Hairstyle With Water Wavesalicia keys2 172x300 Hairstyle With Water Waves
The hairstyle with water wave can be a fun way to style the hair for any special occasion. In this hairstyle, there will be head full of tight curls which is mostly worn by children in the movies. This style will look perfect on those who have naturally curly hair, but it can be created with combs that have placed teeth upward into wet hair. There are also many celebrities who have been wearing this hairstyle including Alicia Keys, Ciara and more. It takes only few minutes to create this style on your own without any help from the hairstylist.
alicia keys3 205x300 Hairstyle With Water Wavesalicia keys4 178x300 Hairstyle With Water Waves

ciara 171x300 Hairstyle With Water Wavesciara2 172x300 Hairstyle With Water Waves
To get this hairstyle, first wash the hair and keep it wet to continue the styling. Leave the hair to dry naturally or use a towel to dry the hair. Spread pomade wave grease all over the hair and then brush the hair in the right direction to create waves. Now brush the sides of the hair downward in a half-circular motion to get a curve motion at the bottom. Next brush the hair starting from crown of the head in a spiral circular motion in the direction of the hair growth by covering every part of the hair. At last cover the hair tightly using a wave cap before going to bed. This will make the waves to set and wearing a wave cap in the night will also keep the hair intact. Finally mist the hair with a hold hairspray to end the styling.
ciara3 180x300 Hairstyle With Water Wavesciara4 183x300 Hairstyle With Water Waves