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Dual-Knot Ponytail


The Dual-Knot Ponytail can provide you an additional styling than the usual hairstyle with ponytail. A standard ponytail is a quick and easy way of styling the hair, but this may consume a little more time. There are only few celebrities like to wear this hairstyle, but this style is preferred by most of the young people all over the world as it gives a very youthful look. Creating this involves the same procedure that is used to create a ponytail, but with extra time. This style can be a perfect way choice if you are attending any formal event.

To create this hairstyle, first brush the hair with a comb to remove tangles. Then comb the hair back and create two different parts of the hair. Next create ponytails on both the decided sections which must look similar to an old-fashioned pigtail. The ponytails can be created high or low on the head and it doesn’t need to be straight. Spread a little amount of styling gel or mousse all over the hair to control wisps and unruly hairs. Now hold one ponytail and tie both the ponytails together. Use bobby pins through the knot to secure the ponytail and you can also add more bobby pins if the hair is long or heavy. Leave the ends of the ponytails to hang loose and at last apply a little amount of styling gel or mousse over the hair to avoid flyaways.

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