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Balayage Hairstyle


The Balayage hairstyle is a best way of creating a subtle two-tone style. This can also give a very unique hairstyle with two different colors. The balayage color will be used to paint the hair to create natural and gradual lightening streaks of highlights in the hair, instead of using cap or foils. The color will be used at the roots and will get progressively thicker towards at the end of the hair to make a seamless transition from light to dark. There are many celebrities who have been seen with this hairstyle as it can give an amazing look.

To create this hairstyle, first separate the hair into different sections which needs to be colored. Then mix the color with a developer or while using an unnatural color it will come as a premixed. Next use Vaseline around the hairline which will help to save the skin and also avoid color from dripping. Start applying the color to hair sections by wearing gloves or application brush. While using two or more colors, make sure to divide the hair into sections correctly. After coloring the hair use a plastic cap to cover the head to avoid color from bleeding to other sections. After sometime, remove the plastic cap and wash the hair completely to get the desired shade. Make sure to use cool water to wash the hair as it will not damage hair follicles and then style the hair as desired.

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