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Flip Hairstyle


The Flip hairstyle is one of most popular way of styling the hair as it needs relatively low maintenance. This style can look good on most the women with perfect haircuts. Most of them sometimes try to flip their hair in order to add more volume. There are many celebrities who prefer to have wear hairstyle as it gives a young look. This hairstyle is normally topped off by a bold color which will give a polished look suitable while going for an office or any big event. It is very easy to get this hairstyle with few simple steps.

To create this hairstyle, first section the bottom layer of the hair till the ear level and then clip the remaining hair up. Create the flips by brushing the hair downward with a round brush and wrap the hair around the end of the brush. Start using the blow dryer on the ends of the hair while continuously turning the brush. Next mist the hair with a finishing spray and divide another layer. For those with shorter hair lengths, they can also use a flat iron or use pomade for a unique look. You can also make the hairstyle more attractive by flipping the bangs and then mist all over the hair with a finishing spray to make the look perfect. For extreme bangs, use a round brush to wrap the bangs beneath it and use a blow dryer to apply heat over it.

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