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Hairstyle With Dressy Ponytail


The dressy ponytail is a very simple way of styling the hair for any occasion and it can be a perfect choice for little girls who are in school or college. This ponytail is a standard way of styling the hair as it is created on the crown of the head. Most of time this hairstyle is worn by many celebrities as it consumes very less time to create it. This hairstyle can be made more creative by adding items such as flower, hairband and other things. But there is a very important thing which must be kept in mind while creating this style is to make sure that your hair is of at least medium length. This style can be a perfect choice for young girls while going for a prom or a party.

Here is a very easy way of creating this beautiful hairstyle, first create a ponytail which can be high or even low as per your desire. Then secure the hair with a elastic band which must be of the same color as your hair is. Divide a 1/4 wide strands of the hair from inside the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band. Now secure the strand by using four pins. At last use a shining hairspray to mist all over the hair to get into the look. To make it more beautiful add a flower or a hair clip on the hair to make it more attractive.

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