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Cap Cut Hairstyle


The cap cut hairstyle is of different types and style depending on the hair. Those who have thin hair, this hairstyle will be short and almost a boy style which will have lot of layers all over the head. This style can be made by cutting the hair into small layers which is a perfect look for those with oval or heart-shaped face. This hairstyle can be customized so that it can suit any type of face shape and hair length. It can also add more body to the hair and also reduce weight of long hair. This style is also been worn by most of the celebrities as it gives a beautiful look and also needs less maintenance and it is also perfect hairstyle for working women.

It is very easy to create this hairstyle, start by washing the hair and then comb it to get rid of tangles. Next part your hair to a side and cut it short just above the hair. Leave the other side of the hair as it is so that it sweeps over your brow. Then part the portions of your hair and hold the ends at an angle. Start cutting the hair behind the fingers and layer your complete style. Now cut the ends of the hair to take out small chunks which can create a jagged look. To make it more attractive you can mist all over the hair with a shining hairspray.

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