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Quinceanera Hairstyle


The Quinceanera hairstyle is a special way of styling the hair during a Quinceanera when the girl turns 15 years old. The girl will plan to look different and beautiful which is one of the main for selecting this type of hairstyle. Along with the hairstyle, the dress must also be chosen to match them perfectly. In the present day, there are many variations that have been used while creating this style. Most of the girls also choose formal and casual hairstyle during this particular event. The most popular way of creating this hairstyle is styling the natural hair with texture as well as length and you can also create a semi updo for a special occasion.

To create this type of hairstyle, first comb the hair with a comb straight down the middle and then use a tiara on top of the hair. There are also many methods to lift the hair underneath the crown. You can also pin the top portion of the hair into a clip or try to mist all over the hair with a styling gel to keep the hair in place just under the crown. Keep the hair gathered behind the crown and the hair must not hang in front of the face which will add a lift to the back of the tiara. Another way is to pin the hair up and leaving the back section of your hair hanging straight along with a tiara.

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