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Straw Set Hairstyle


The straw set hairstyle is usually created with straws or thin perm rods. This is a way of styling the hair by creating cascading curls with the long hair and create face-framing curls in case of shorter styles. In case, this style is done very carefully it may last for about one week. This hairstyle is considered to be multi-faceted style that is particularly suitable for formal occasions and for everyday wear also.

It is easy to get this hairstyle, first wash the hair and after drying divide it into four different sections. Secure the sections with butterfly clips and then part the hair again into one inch long by half inch high as perfect your desire. Separate a piece of hair and spread a little amount of setting lotion over until it gets saturated. Next remove the section of hair straight up and line a straw with the end of your hair. Start rolling the hair around the straw clockwise and towards back of the scalp. Once you reach the scalp, make sure to hold the straw and clip the excess off hair with scissors. Secure the straw with bobby pin and follow the same procedure for other sections of the hair too. At last mist all over the hair with a hair spray and leave it to dry naturally. Then slowly remove each straw and spread a little amount of oil on your hands to apply it over the hair.

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