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Contoured Hairstyle


The Contoured hairstyle is a perfect way of styling the hair if your hair is short. In this hairstyle, the hair is sectioned into five different parts and then the hair is cut into 2 to 3 inches according to the region of your head which must look as though you have created a wavy up-do without any bulk hair over the head. The style will be shimmer and shine all the way along with warm and glowing look like a burnished copper. The super-short contour haircut will also have a blocked off nape along with an angle at the center back. The hairstylist will mold the cut hair with finger waving and pin the curling to get the sculpted look.

There are many people who like to style their hair in this way. In this style the front of the hair will have fringe and smooth curving line which will frame the eyes as well as the cheekbones. The whole hair will also be textured with the help of a razor tool to create soft ends. The hair will be styled to create smoothness by following a gentle blow-dry technique with the help of a flat brush. You can also use a flat iron all over the hair to create a sleek and glassy finish. This hairstyle can be perfect choice for those who have fine hair. You can also wear a scarf while sleeping to keep the hairstyle in place.

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