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Messy Faux Hawk


The Messy Faux Hawk is a very popular hairstyle among the young people in the present world. This style lets you to create a Mohawk look without cutting the hair at any part of the head. This hairstyle will also add an additional touch to your punk look. You can also notice a similar hairstyle worn by most of the celebrities during special occasions. Those who have short hair can go for this hairstyle as it can give an amazing look, but for longer hair it may not suit so good.

To create this hairstyle, first use a hair brush and comb the hair to remove any tangles. Then dampen the hair by wetting your hand and spreading it all over the hair. This will help the styling product to hold on to the hair while creating your desired shape. Next apply a little amount of hair pomade on your hand and rub it together with the other hand. Start spreading pomade all over by running your hands through the hair, especially at the crown and front of the head. Now you can smoothen the hair on the sides and use your fingers to go through the hair at the back of the head to create a faux hawk. Try to create a messy look while creating the faux hawk and direct them in different directions. Finally mist all over the hair with a strong hold hair spray and leave it to dry naturally.

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