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Hairstyle With Snoods


The hairstyle with snoods was started during the 1940s. Any type of hairstyle with snoods can easily give a very unique look for most of people. This type of style can look perfect for those with long hair. This hairstyle was often crocheted bags and the long hair was tucked under it. It used to hold the wearer’s head with an elastic strap and then go across the top of the head by holding it against the back of your head. There are only few people follow this type hairstyling in the present day. This particular hair accessory will be made of netting material to hold the hair behind your neck. This style can be a perfect choice for sporting activities.

To get this hairstyle, first brush the hair completely to remove any tangles and then start creating a ponytail at the base of the head or on top of the neck. Next remove open the snood completely to place the front rim on the center of the head starting from one ear to another. Then bring back rim under the ponytail to make the hair sit inside the snood. Now pull the elastic closing mechanism of the snood to make it close around the head. The ear lobes must stay outside the snood and the remaining ear must be covered. Use bobby pins to secure the snood and mist the hair with a hairspray beneath the snood to keep the hair in place.

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