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Afro Puff Hairstyle


The Afro Puff is a type of hairstyle which gives a very unique look. This hairstyle is mostly like by the kids as it gives a simple and retro look. You can also add ribbons and hair color to this hairstyle to make it further attractive. It also allows you to have as many puffs as possible which is also a very easy style to create it. There are only few people like to wear this hairstyle apart from the kids as it takes lot of time and patience to create this hairstyle. To get this hairstyle, you must start the starting process on the hair that is completely clean.

Next apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner all over the hair and leave it to dry naturally. To continue further make sure that the hair is tangle-free by using a comb or hair brush. Then part the hair into sections to create the afro puffs. Cover the coated hair band tightly around each section of the hair and use a plain rubber band to hold the hair tightly. Make sure that you don’t lose the hair after removing the band. Finally comb the afro puff using your fingers and use a hair brush to ensure there are no tangles. You can also use a cap over the head after creating the hair hairstyle to make the puffs last for a long time or you can also create this style every day.

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