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Hairstyle With Tossled Tresses


The Tossled Tresses can be a perfect hairstyle for nightclubbing. This is a fun way of styling the hair only if it is at least medium length. This style is considered to be one of the most wild hairstyle that can be created by going to a saloon or you can also make it at home. This hairstyle can be created very easily in case the length of your hair is long, but those with short hair will have problems in creating it. For shorter hair, you may consider of attaching removable hair extensions to make the look perfect. Most of the celebrities wear this hairstyle very often for special occasions as it gives a beautiful look.

To create this hairstyle, start by shampooing and conditioning hair. Then spread a generous amount of styling gel all over the hair after towel drying. Blow dry the hair with a diffuser and gently scrunch the ends of the hair while drying. Now you can use a one-inch curling iron to create waves all over the hair and use the iron close to vertical. Next wrap two inch sections of the hair around the barrel and hold the ends with the fingertips before releasing it. At last shake the hair well to create a tousled look and use the fingers to slowly break up the curls. To add more hold and dazzling shine to the hair mist all over the hair with a shining spray.

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