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Hairstyle With Power Bangs


The power bangs is a very common hairstyle in U.S where the hair will be unusually large and project from top of the scalp near your forehead with great lengths. This style can be created by adding texture to the bangs and then making a wispy effect. There are different types of bang hairstyle and not all of them are created equal. This hairstyle can be created easily at home without getting help from a hair stylist which is one of the best thing about this style. It is also very popular among the celebrities too because it is simple and gives a great look.

It is easy to get power bangs hairstyle, first cut the bangs and make sure that they are tangle-free. Start combining the hair straight down towards and divide the bangs that are thick to add more texture to the hair. After dividing the bangs and use a rat-tail comb horizontally over the center of the bangs to pull top layer of the hair up and back at the crown of the head. Hold the hair in place with a hair clip. Hold your hair in the hand in the middle of the pointer finger and middle finger to cut it. Do vertical cuts at the bottom layer of the hair and continue across the bangs till you reach the lower layer. Remove the upper layer of the hair and brush the bangs to complete the styling process.

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