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Quick Weave Hairstyle


A quick weave hairstyle will make you look completely different without any long-term commitment. This style does not consume more time when compared to other similar hairstyles. The weaves can be created on your natural hair which can blend a front portion of the hair with a weave piece applied and then removed within seconds. There are many celebrities including Jill Scott, Oprah Winfrey and other who like to wear this hairstyle for many occasions. Anyone can easily get this hairstyle if they wish only by following few simple techniques without getting help from any hairstylist.

To create this hairstyle, start by washing your hair completely and then condition the hair. Then create a part across your head at the front starting from one ear to other and brush the hair forward that was parted. Start twisting the back section of the hair to create a low bun and hold it in place with bobby pins. Tuck the front comb into the hair behind the part which was created and stretch the back section of the instant weave down at the nape of the neck. Make sure that all the hair has been secured beneath the weave. Use a rear comb of the weave under the bun to secure to the hair and brush the front section of your hair at the back of the head on the exposed edge to get an instant weave and then blend it with the weave.

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