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Hairstyle With Spiky Bangs


Having a hairstyle with spiky bangs can really give a very unique look for anyone. It is one of the simplest ways of styling the hair with a simple process. This hairstyle will save lot of time as well as money. You must be steady as well as careful with your hand while creating this style on your own. Cutting the bangs on your own to create a spiky look may be a little effort which can be made easy by getting a support from any of your friend. This modern hairstyle can be easily created by following this simple method.

Start the styling process by combing your bangs to remove tangles. Avoid wetting your hair if you are planning to create a choppy and spiky look. Now comb the hair down to make it cover the forehead and comb the left over hair which needs to be cut. Collect one inch section of the bangs in between pointer and middle finger. Continue this process until the bangs are relatively straight across leaving the lengths of the cuts random to get choppy looks. Create several dramatic and pointy spikes in the bangs by taking half inch sections of hair to make them point diagonal lines on each side of the end. At last take a section of the hair to make them a pointed end from squared end. Then mist all over the hair with a hairspray to end the styling process.

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