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Tapered Afro Hairstyle


The Afro hairstyle became popular during the 1970s where most of the people used to have this style. But tapered afro hairstyle was started in the 1990s where the hair used to be tapered on the side of the head and then it will be in a circular form at the back of the head. The hair which used to grow back from the faded section of high-top fade will be smoothed down and rounded off making the top of your hair look like a bubble that emerges from the head. There are many celebrities like Chrisette Michele, Viola Davis and more have been seen with this style very often.

To create this hairstyle, first decide the length of the hair which you are going to have. Then use a guard to the clippers from the base of your neckline and pull it away from the back of your head. Start rolling the hair up using a comb at the base of your hairline and cut the hair that is sticking through the comb. You can trim the bangs with scissors by combing the hair down little by little to get the desired length. Next comb the hair up and snip the hair piece by piece which sticks out of the comb. At last use a mirror to look at the hair from all angles as it is a very important part of the styling process to find out any irregularities and uneven spots.

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