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Sculpted Updo


The Sculpted Updo is a perfect way of styling the hair for any special occasion. This style can look good only if the hair is long enough to create the updo. This style will have more sculptural as well as textured edge and it is being considered as a special hairstyle for special events. If anyone is planning to have a celebrity hairstyle, this can be a perfect choice for those people as most of the celebrities prefer this way of styling their hair for red carpets. This hairstyle can be created perfectly only by hair stylist and by a little practice anyone can try this at their home itself.

To get this style, first wash the hair completely to start the styling and leave it to dry naturally. Then brush the hair straight back with a comb and avoid tangles in your hair. For frizzy hair, apply a little amount of shine serum all over the hair. Next brush the hair back of the head creating a light cushions and lift at the roots. Smooth the back-combed hair completely, but make sure to leave the light cushion as it is. Collect a section of the hair at the temple to sweep it back and secure it with elastic or you can use a barrette also to secure the hair. If you have curly hair, spread a little amount of styling wax on your fingers to apply it all over the hair.

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