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Adding Streaks On Bangs


Hairstyle with bangs can create a very fashionable look for any one and if you are planning to make the bangs stand out, try to add streaks all over it. You can also highlight the bangs by adding shine and polish to make the hair look more dramatic. To create streaks on the bangs is not a hard process and it does not need any special hairstylist to do it. It can be created easily at home without any help. Most of the celebrities wear this hairstyle to look very different and also to make their hairstyle attractive.

To get this hairstyle, first find out which color would suit your hair perfectly. For light brown hair add vivid blond for streaks and for darker hair use reddish-colored streaks. Red streaks can also look good on the hair that is auburn and darker color also. Then purchase a highlighting kit which are inexpensive and are made to be used at home. Start the styling process on a day old hair which takes color better than the washed hair. Start mixing the highlighting solution and use a brush to spread it all over the bangs. To have vivid all-over streaking of the bangs, spread highlights close together on the bangs. Leave the hair to dry as per the instructions mentioned on the highlighting package. At last rinse the hair completely and condition the hair. You can also blow dry the bangs which can give attractive look.

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