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Hairstyle With Towering Updo


An updo can really make the hairstyle look more beautiful and creating a towering updo can add more attraction to your look. This hairstyle can be worn if you are facing a bad hair day and also to look versatile. It can be suitable for people of any age and also any hair type. This style can be a perfect choice if you are planning to go for any formal even. Most of the celebrities wear this hairstyle at special occasion like the red carpet to look more simple and casual.

To create this hairstyle, first wash the hair completely and then condition it a day before you start the styling process. Next brush the hair and spread a generous amount of mousse over the dampen hair to make it more manageable. Create a looped high updo by taking the hair back into a ponytail and use a soft hair band to secure it. Use your left hand to hold the ponytail two inches from the base and wrap it around the forefinger to create a large loop. Now create a simple twist by pulling the ponytail higher on the head and secure it with a clip. Then smooth the hair to create a dressier look and to have a casual look leave few tendrils out of the hair. At last mist all over the hair with a hairspray to control flyaways and keep the hair in place for a long time.

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