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Dreadlock Updo


The dreadlocks can be a very difficult way of styling the hair as it takes lot of time and also need more patience. There are many way of styling the dreadlocks and one them is a dreadlock updo. If you are planning to create a dreadlock by yourself make sure to add more texture and length to your hair. It is also considered to be a cool, spiritual or pursuit style for most of them who wear this hairstyle. When the hair is kinky it can be the best type to create a dreadlock and twists can be perfect if the hair is curly.

To get this hairstyle, create even section of the hair with a rat tail comb which can be square or diamond shaped. Then take the section of hair individually and divide it into two more sections. Start twisting the two strands together starting from the root till the end of the hair. Secure the hair with rubber bands at the base of each section. Next part the hair into small sections using the comb and spread a little amount of lightweight hair gel all over the hair get rid of all the tangles. Now continue to twist the remaining section of the hair and twist the hair around the end of a comb. At last pull the entire section of the hair at the back of the head to create an updo and pin it using bobby pins.

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