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Sleek Sedu Hairstyle


The Sleek Sedu hairstyle is a very popular way of styling the hair among women. Majority of celebrities wear this hairstyle as it very easy to create and also gives a very beautiful look. The hair must be at least medium to long to get this hairstyle. You can also get this style at home by following few simple and easy methods and make sure to consult a hairstylist about the hairstyle before getting into the process to make sure it looks perfect.

To create this hairstyle, first look at the texture of your hair and try to purchase a sedu styling tool to create texture in the hair to get shiny as well as smooth appearance. Then wash the hair with a shampoo and rinse it using cold water. Next, section off the hair and create an equal amount of layers all over the hair. Make sure to keep the section into about 4-6 inch of hair and then collect small section of the hair with a fine tooth comb to create a line to cut along. Create layers that fall down after the hair becomes dry. Now hold hair in between your index and middle finger to cut the remaining hair which comes out of the fingers. Blow hair dry and then section off to create a Sedu hairstyle. At last blow dry the hair completely and comb through hair using a fine tooth comb to get a flawless finish.

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