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Floral Braids


The floral braids are considered to be one of the most used hairstyle for many occasions such as festivals, weddings and other personal events. This type of styling the hair was started some thousand years ago and the scent of each flower can create an impact on your look also. There are different types of flowers that can be used in styling the hair. The flowers are one of the best placed looking accessories that can look good on the hair after you have braided it.

To create this hairstyle, first collect a group of flowers that you wish to add it on the braid. Then wash the hair completely and condition before you start brushing the hair to remove tangles. Next create a three-stranded braid at the back of the head. Collect three section of the hair and hold each of them in between two fingers. Take the first section and cross it over the middle section and then back over the outer section. You can also braid variations including four stranded braid to create a Celtic knot pattern and French braid. After creating a braid, you can arrange the flowers as per your desire. Just like ribbons and other decorative items you can add a flower on the braid. Make sure you select the best braided hairstyle to make your look perfect. You can also add different variety of flowers with different colors and then secure it using bobby pins.

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