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Wrapped Braid


There are different types of braids that can be created with any type of hair and one among them is a wrapped braid. In this hairstyle, a simple and discreet braid will be coiled across the head or crown which will give a very unique. This is mainly worn by celebrities during special occasions. This hairstyle will be a perfect choice if you are attending any formal event as it can give a romantic touch to you style. This type of hairstyling methods was started very long ago where thick braids were wrapped around the side of the head and they will connect at the back of the head.

It is easy to create this hairstyle, start the styling process by brush the hair using a brush and then blow dry it straight. Leave the hair to dry naturally which will help you to braid the hair easily. Next divide the hair from middle of the head and start creating a French braid or a regular braid on both sides of the head. Secure the braids using elastics or bobby pins. Now cross both the braids together and tuck the ends under your hair. Secure the hair with bobby pins and mist all over the hair with a hairspray to avoid any flyaways. At last for those who have long hair that cannot be tucked under they can tie the ends of the braids together and then twist the loose strands around the elastic.

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