The Short Fohawk hairstyle is a very unique way of styling the hair for any special event. This hairstyle is worn by only few people and even celebrities wear it very rare. It is mostly considered as a hairstyle for male and only few female wear it to get a very different look. This style can be created by using hair gel or to make it really worth it you may have to go to a hairstylist for a perfect look. The main difference of the mohawk and fowak is the first one is created by shaving the sides of your head and this one is done without shaving the head.

It is easy to get this hairstyle, first spread a little amount of hair gel on your hands and then apply it all over the hair starting from top of the head to back of your head. Make sure to leave some hair gel at the sides of the head. Then use your finger to comb the sides and top of the hair to make it go on top of the head. Try to shape the hair in a spiked shape or all the hair pointing toward the crest of the head. Use your hands to send the hair together to create a faux hawk crest. At last you must flatten the hair on sides of the head and mess up the spiked portion of the hair to make your look less uniform.

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  1. hmmm.. You will regret it! I did when i got it done πŸ™ im trying to grow it long so i cant really get another hairstyle πŸ™

  2. Classic Outfit: Black short dress, with black high shoes.. classical hairstyle.. black and white makeup.. not that much makeup.. accessories

  3. Cue, Nicki Minaj RT @Dr__Birkenstock: Having a fashionable hairstyle that matches both your personality and body shape is important to men.

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