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Tonsure Hairstyle


Tonsure hairstyle has been one of the old hairstyle which has almost lost its importance in today’s busy world. This hairstyle was used by religious people around the 9th and 10th century. They had these haircuts done on them just to make them look different than the common mass. Though it was more common in the American Indian community but still it was seen frequently on the monks, religious saints, novices and mystics. They had their own way of depicting their style.

Generally this hairstyle was not adopted by the youth. The older people of the society are keener on adopting such a hairstyle. In this hairstyle the barber needs to be careful while cutting the hair. Only the hairs on the borders of the head shall remain. Any sign of hair from the crown to the sides shall be removed. This gives you a look that you have starting to lose hair and you are growing bald. This reason may not be true, people used this look just to flaunt their age and prove that they are experienced. As we know the color of the hair show the experience so does the density.

Tonsure hairstyle was supposedly originated in Rome. Here people were given this hairstyle as a punishment and mockery by the rulers. Later this was seen among the people who served God. People then started respecting people having this kind of hairstyle. Then clerics were the next in line who took up this hairstyle but did not adopt it fully. They had a partial tonsure done on them; a narrow crown was left rather than shaving the whole head.

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