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Katy Perry’s front swirl: Get bold with blue updo!


Katy Perryโ€™s blue hair is a rage totally! Her short hair can be moulded into variety of shapes and styles to give her a different style every time. This is a retro hairstyle and can be done at home. Take an ample amount of hair gel and apply it on the hair from backward to upwards and combing your hair towards right side. Keep combing in between. When all hair are directed upwards and to the right, bend them forward leaving them gel- straight about one to two inches from roots. Make sure there is no hair on your neck that is trailing backwards. Take a thick and a long curling iron and take in the ends of the hair that are falling forwards on face and curl them outwards. Roll the curling iron till the curls reach the forehead. Keep curling towards the right side. It gives an effect that there is only one single thick curl that goes from the front towards the right of your head. The one necessity is that the curls should be taut and thick. Spray on thick amounts of hairspray to keep hair at place. You are ready!!
Wassup new: your hair will speak for you and you do not need to accessorize much here. So what are you waiting for chicks? Get more retro feminine!!

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