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Katy Perry’s long side bang : Classy blue bun in style!


If buns turn blue, we have Katy Perry! Classic example of a thick bun that oozes style a class apart. To create this look first cut the side flick a little longer than your chin. Take a rat tail comb and section out a small part of your hair about one inch wide from near to left ear, going all the way upwards, towards right ear. Clamp it with a clutch pin for use after wards. Comb all your remaining hair back and tie it with a thick rubber band or a scrunchie, preferably of the color of your hair. Now wrap the pony tail around the scrunchie or rubber band so that whole of the band becomes invisible and there forms a thick bun. Secure with hair pins all over tightly. Now, open the front section by removing the clutch pin and comb that section of hair. Start from left side. Take some hair from that section and spread them over the bun covering it. One important thing, place all pins you use now under the bun so that the bun looks neat and sleak. Cover the bun from all sides using all the hair from the front section. Manage your side bang with a hair spray for that neat and sophisticated business woman look. Here you go!!

Wassup new: You can even use dummy hair fillers in a bun to add to its thickness. Use hair spray to decrease frizziness of short front hair that cover the bun. Your oomph is already high!!

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